What to Expect

  • Your Dog’s First Session

    If only they could talk…

    While canine and human massage share similar therapeutic benefits, a massage appointment has a different look and feel.  At Flow Canine Wellness respect for the animal is our top priority.

    Our practitioners have studied animal behaviour and communication and will use the animal’s cues as well as the owner’s insights to make the experience positive.

  • First Appointment

    • 5-10 minutes outdoors to assess the dog’s posture and movement
    • 5-10 minutes to talk about your dog’s personality, past history, and eating/activity levels
    • 30-40 minute massage including physical assessment and range of motion testing to determine the approach and areas of focus
    • A discussion of findings and recommendations based on the current condition of your dog
    • You will receive documentation from the practitioner outlining findings and recommendations to share with your Vet or other Pet Health providers
  • Common experiences

    • Your dog may find the touch unfamiliar and feel restless at the outset.  You may be asked to help settle your dog.  In rare circumstances a dog may require 1-2 shorter introductory sessions to become comfortable with the routine.
    • Your dog may get up through the massage and walk around and shake.  This is a very normal response to massage.  An experienced practitioner will allow the animal to direct the session and not use force or restraint to get the animal to comply.